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Kushakov works mainly in the realm of painting, where he experiments with his materials and media, as well as the traditional painting techniques. Trained as a painter, as well as a graphic designer, Kushakov treats his subject matter freely and masterfully.
His paintings appear vague and dreamy, like evanescent but still vivid memories – a collection of simple fragments and characters – that comprise our life experiences. His figures and shapes flow naturally from an almost random composition of scratchy and evocative brush strokes.His muted colours with just a few bright highlights support the suggestive depth and allusiveness of a dreamlike memory, a story on the edge of imagery and feeling. 
Kushakov’s free, saturated, dreamy style is easily recognisable both in his portraiture and landscape.
Selected Shows:
2016, Moscow, “The essence of reflection”
2016, Moscow, “Not close enough”  
2015, Moscow, “Open”
2015,  Sankt-Peterburg, “Portrait”

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