Vladimir Dudkin - Artist - Abode
Vladimir Dudkin

Dudkin’s work is largely shaped and constantly influenced by his experiences and interests. He aims at combining seemingly incompatible elements: Tibetan philosophy and post-punk music; Modernist sensitivity and street art aesthetic; everyday reality and imagination; Bauhaus, the famous art school, and Bauhaus, the gothic-rock band; mediaeval etching and pop commix.
These are just a few of the contradictions that intrigue the artist, expressed through his vivid imagery. Modigliani, Marquet, Magritte, Warhol, Malevich, Kandinsky, Basquait, Vinogradov and Dubossarsky, Rinat Voligasimi, Andrey Bartenev are among the artists that influenced Dudkin.
Experimental music, post-punk, noise-rock, hip-hop, cyber-punk, steam-punk – music and aesthetics that inspire him.
Dudkin aims to achieve harmony through contrast and paradox, the style which he himself describes as “postmodern graphic neo-pop-art painting”. His work is a diary of images that influence the artist’s perception of the world around him.

Born in Rostov-on-Don in 1976.

In 1999 graduated from The faculty of Art and Design at Southern Federal University.
In 2000 Dudkin moved to Moscow, where he worked as set decorator, interior decorator and furniture designer. He continued developing his own practice, combining his decorative experience with graphic experiments.
Since 2007 works as a set designer at TV and cinema projects. Dudkin maintains his own creative practice, regularly taking part in exhibitions.

2016 Merry-go-round. Collection 1, Zdes at Taganka Gallery, Moscow
2016 Overripe Elephant Fingers, , Zdes at Taganka Gallery, curated by Andrey Bartenev, Moscow
2015 Horizontal, Guslitsa creative manor, as part of the 6th Moscow Contemporary Art Biennale parallel programme, Moscow
2015 Artists About Moscow, Artist Union Tverskaya Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2014 Artists About Moscow, Artist Union Tverskaya Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2014 Victory Season, dedicated to Sochi Winter Olympics Opening, curated by Andrey Bartenev, Sochi
2011 «Ro-or Collective» group show, Blogistan at Red October, Moscow
2011 On the Sunny Side, Museum of Graphics, Moscow
2011 Moscow Artesania, Maly Manezh, Moscow
2009 30th exhibition of young artists, Artist Union Kuznetsky Most Exhibition Hall