Karl Bielik

Karl Beilik is a multi award winning abstract painter, working in oils on canvas, linen, panels and paper. Bielik’s works are painterly expressions of the artist’s experiences, both physical and emotional, consequence of journeys, set in paint, the process being the driving force, and expectations suspended.
Beilik’s source materials can be very diverse, but always derived from the artist’s immediate environment – occasionally diagrams from medical books in the studio, photographs taken in the local bars, an iron gate, rust stained walls, washing lines – only function as a starting point. Film, literature and music play a huge part in the artist’s life and inevitably inform his work as well. However, essentially his work emerge through the very physical process of painting – constantly adding, painting over, scraping the paint off and starting the process once again.
Working on multiple paintings at the same time, and leaving some of them untouched for weeks and even months, offers an incubation time for the artist to contemplate where he wants the work to go, and gives the paintings themselves room to develop meaning to be here in the world. The resulting paintings are bold yet with sensitivity; celebrations of form and colour.
In contrast to the artist’s often emotive imagery, banal solitary words form his titles, temper and balance the melancholy character of his work.
Karl Bielik lives and works in London.
His paintings have been in numerous shows at home and abroad, including The 2016 John Moores Painting Prize, The Royal Academy Summer Show, The Contemporary British Painting Prize and The London Open.

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Wilderness Projects, Studio 90, London with Jai Llewellyn.
2018 A Road Not Taken, The Marylebone Crypt, London.
2018 Nothing but Good, Park, Tilburg, Netherlands.
2018 Mesnil-Eglise, Belgium. Solo show curated by Francoise Bastin.
2018 La Liberte Comme…, Perwez, Belgium. Curated by Chloe Coomans & Fred Michiels.
2018 Testing 1,2,1,2. Unit 3, London. Curated by John Bunker. 
2018 Salon 10, The Old Lock up Gallery, Derbyshire. Curated by Mandy Payne and Rachael Pinks
2018 Centre of Tamines & Auvelais, Belgium. Curated by Dennis Guerra & Fred Michiels.
2018 Migration and Empathy, Bursa Museum, Turkey. Curated by Reyhani Akan.
2017 Testcard P, The Marylebone Crypt, London.
2017 Contemporary Masters from Britain, China touring the following venues…
2017 Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Tianjin, Yantai Art Museum, Yantai

2017 Artall Gallery and The Jiangsu Arts Museum, Nanjing.

2017 Pigmental, The Rochester Gallery, Kent. Solo show curated by Matt Bray.
2017 Art Gallery NaKashirke, Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia. Curated by Andrey Volkov.

2017 La Liberte Comme Embleme d’Echec, Tamines, Belgium. Curated by Fred Michiels.

2017 A Reporter’s Notebook, Tin Cafe, London. Solo show of 59 small works on paper.

2017 Secret Postcard Show, The Old Lock Up, Cromford, Derbyshire.
2017 Bring Something Pink, St Chamas, France. Curated by Yifat Gat.

2017 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol. Curated by Nectarios Stamatopolous.

2017 Steal the Show, Glasgow Open House Festival, Glasgow. Curated by Jessica Wilson.

2017 Footfall Art, Walthamstow Window Gallery, London. Curated by Hannah Luxton.

2017 Testing 1<2<1