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Phillips: New Now Highlights

We are super excited about the New Now Auction at Phillips London, taking place tomorrow, 11 April, at 2pm. Here are some of [...]

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Russian art projects in London and beyond

In the beginning of the twentieth century, Russian Avant-garde artists completely changed the course of art history. Revolutionary ideas of Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir [...]

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Impractical Jokes – notorious artists’ pranks

We all enjoy a bit of a laugh from time to time (or even more often). On a whole other level, famous artists [...]

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Maria Agureeva wins the Ruinart Art Patronat Grant

We are thrilled to announce that artist Maria Agureeva wins this year’s Ruinart Art Patronat Grant. The grant will allow the artist to [...]

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London Art Fair 2019 – in it’s 31st edition the fair provides an international dialogue

This year’s edition of London Art Fair brought together more than 100 international galleries and attracted thousands of visitors over the six days [...]

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The Price Of the Priceless: art market trends 2017-2018

Compared with other industries, the art market is notoriously difficult to quantify. The majority of sales are traditionally conducted privately, and discretion has [...]

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Abode curates a show featuring Maria Agureeva and Lindsey Bull for London Art Fair’s Art Projects 2019

Abode continues its commitment to supporting and promoting emerging talent, and following the success of the show at London’s Saatchi gallery, we were [...]

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Start Art Fair fifth edition: Discovering tomorrow’s art today, Saatchi gallery, London

Over the last few days the Start Art Fair has once again taken over Saatchi gallery for its annual presentation of emerging artists [...]

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When you turn away, I will lick your work.

Maria Agureeva interviewed by Anna Komissarova   Photography: Michael Kovynyov Style: Denis Paley Hair and makeup: Maria Moskvitcheva   As art critic Aleksandr [...]

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Decorating with Contemporary Art

Practical tips on how to start an inspiring and affordable collection from a New York based art adviser and designer Maria Brito. Tips [...]

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Anton Totibadze sells at Christie’s charity auction in London.

Totibadze’s “Fish Bites” (2018, acrylic on canvas, 150x100 cm), was sold at Christie’s auction house in London last night for an amazing £10 [...]

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Another Polarising Project in Abstract Pointillism by Damien Hirst on View at Larry Gagosian LA

Critics have been largely mute about the recently opened show by Damien Hirst, presenting his newest Veil Paintings, opened on March, 1st at Gagosian, LA. [...]

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Changes/ Constancies by Viktoria Ikonen

Abode is presenting  Ikonen’s newest polaroids and selected paintings, that led to them, dealing with versatility and fluidity of natural landscape and duality [...]

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The Emergence Of Russian Avant-Garde. Kazimir Malevich

To commemorate Kazimir Malevich's 140th birthday (b.23 February 1878, died 15 May 1935), here's a brief historic insight into what the art scene was [...]

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Artists would do well to invest in their own work, study says

New research suggests that artists may be better off retaining equity in their own work than investing in the stock market A new [...]

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The Little-Known Reason Red and Green are the Colors of Christmas

Most of the trappings of a modern-day Christmas—from Advent calendars to stockings hung by the chimney with care—are, themselves, relatively modern. But the [...]

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Get a glimpse of Kushakov’s “Alone With a Woman” solo show in Saint Petersburg.

A personal show by the young contemporary artist Alisher Kushakov “Alone With a Woman” opened in an iconic “Nevsy 8” gallery in St [...]

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“Intuitive Landscape” – a show by Georgia Noble on Artsy

In her most recent work Noble explores the the transition between various mental states, boundaries between reality and dream, materiality and imagination. Inspired [...]

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According to this article, it has been scientifically proven that original art has a positive influence of our well being not only on [...]

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Anton Totibadze appears on Berlin’s Freunde von Freunden – have a sneak peak in his studio

With the Narkomfin Building being in the spotlight again, we revisit this article, published by Freunde von Freunden (Friends of Friends) about Anton [...]

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10 years of visual inspiration and creative innovation – Manchester’s Buy Art Fair 2017

The Manchester Contemporary and Buy Art Fair takes place every year and is the only UK invitational art fair for critically engaged contemporary [...]

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Omid Asadi appears on BBC’s The One Show with his famous leaf cuttings

Omid Asadi is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in the UK. He first gained recognition for his breathtaking leaf cuttings. Watch BBC [...]

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“Georgia Noble’s nature-inspired paintings hint at the metaphysical and sublime” – The Archive Collective

Georgia Noble’s nature-inspired paintings hint at the metaphysical and sublime “These paintings are made in response to my own experiences and relationship with [...]

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Ten Expert Tips For Investing in the Art Market from Forbes

He was the last of the speakers at the TEFAF art market symposium last week, a diminutive young man with a heavy French [...]

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The Vogel Collection: thoroughly modest Medicis

  The Gettys and the Rothschilds are famous for their priceless collections of art. But up there with them are the Vogels: Herb, [...]

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The Unknown Masters. Early work by famous artists. Part 1

Art history is fascinating because of its continuous development, reflecting, through creative process, the changes in the world, societies, values. This is also [...]

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The Unknown Masters. Early work by famous artists. Part 2

Artists gain reputation and recognition for their unique style, but the beginning of their careers are often quite different. Here are five more [...]

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The Unknown Masters. Early work by famous artists. Part 3

Maleviche's "Black Square", Kandinsky's abstract compositions, Warhol's silkscreens are known to virtually everyone. However it might come as a surprise to find out [...]

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