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Abode is presenting  Ikonen’s newest polaroids and selected paintings, that led to them, dealing with versatility and fluidity of natural landscape and duality in nature as well as the process of representing it through painting.

Changes Constances Ikonen: Text

Ikonen’s most recent project “Changes/ Constancies”, based on her everyday observations and documentations of the seasonal changes in nature, extends and deepens her interest in landscape. The project was conducted while at an art residency at RaumArts AiR in Rauma, Finland. Having studied the history, scientific facts and the maritime cultural heritage around the Gulf of Bothnia, washing the shores of Rauma, Ikonen created a body of mixed media work, studying how the natural power of sea could be defined by the exact place.

Manipulated polaroids, that contrive the core of the project, are made in analogy with traces of human interference in natural landscape. Layering paint over a photograph and processing the image digitally, the artists reflects layers of human impact on nature.

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Artist Bio

Born in Leningrad, Viktoria Ikonen was classically trained in painting and analytical drawing, graduating from from The Russian State Academy of Art and Design with the Master’s degree.

In her moody, transcendental landscapes, Ikonen explores ideas of duality in painting and the world around us: nature and imposed structure, abstraction and figuration, traces of history and marks of the present. While the image remains realistically concrete in its matter-of-factness and at the same time surreally distanced
in its unrepresentability, a painting evolves into a type of abstraction where using narrative becomes unnecessary.
Since 2010 Ikonen has exhibited extensively in Russia, Finland, Spain, Germany and Turkey.
Currently lives and works in Finland.

Changes Constances Ikonen: Text
Changes Constances Ikonen: Image
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