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Andrew Robinson: Image

In his work Robinson seems to dissect reality into it’s smallest constituents and then reassemble it   into a new narrative through material qualities of oil paint and experimental marks. His reinvented, broken objects are intended to surprise the viewers, engage them to create their own narratives and nostalgic reminiscence.
Robinson’s subject matter is rooted in philosophy and art history, as well as in sci-fi aesthetics that fascinate the artists, and everyday objects. His interests are often reflected in the titles of his work.
Robinson received his masters in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art. He lives and works in Liverpool, UK.
Selected shows:
2016, Bankley Gallery, Manchester, Open Call Exhibition
2016, Chapel house Gallery Ormskirk, Liverpool, Open exhibition, *First prize winner*
2016, PS Mirabel, Manchester, “Spectrum”
2016, Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester, Manchester Academy of Fine Art Prize Exhibition
2015, Front art spaces, New York *Finalist*
2015, Chapel house Gallery Ormskirk, Liverpool, Open Exhibition
2015, Federation House, Manchester, “Kunst”
2014, Madlabs, Manchester, Open Exhibitio

The Performer 2
Emporium 2
3 Aristos
The Battle
Andrew Robinson: About
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