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Who We Are

Abode is a Russian – British project, supporting and promoting emerging and mid-career international artists. With the help of our expert and reputable advisers, we hand pick each artist.

One of our main objectives is to support artists that have achieved technical brilliance in their medium, and help them nourish and develop their creative practice and career.

Another important objective is to attract more people into becoming collectors who choose original work over framed reproductions. Thus we ensure fair prices, great quality of work and service, and competent advice about the benefits of acquiring originals from living artists.

Our own online presence is supported through Artshaus online platform, as well as acclaimed art fairs, arranging curated group and solo shows in various parts of the world, facilitating international exchanges and mentoring.

Abode continues its commitment to supporting and promoting emerging talent, and following the success of the show at London’s Saatchi gallery, we were invited to curate a show for London Art Fair’s Art Projects in January 2019.

For the 2019 Art Projects, Abode is bringing together two female artists: Maria Agureeva, a Russian multidisciplinary artist; and Lindsey Bull, a British artist, working primarily in figurative painting. Both artists explore ideas on perceptions, ideology, psychologies and expectations, relating to the body in contemporary society, but through very different approaches.

Abode believes that the future trend in arts lies with the artists that are emerging now. When you acquire their work, you help them continue making and developing their ideas, which, when the artist reaches significance, means that you are also investing in new trends in art. Original art is a unique investment: it’s an asset that will enhance your physical and emotional space, and could grow in value. Recent market surveys show that over the last 40 years art as an asset outperformed any other asset class, growing steadily in value even in the financially difficult years.*

How we work

We hope our presence inspires collectors to acquire original artworks and encourage budding collectors, and to facilitate this, we offer:

  • a friendly and efficient service;

  • concise consultations and personal selections;

  • Highly secure website and checkout;

  • Works delivered securely straight from the artist’s studio;

  • Fair prices and 7 days no hustle return policy;

  • Authenticity Certificate signed by the artist.

Abode works directly and closely with each of the artists, represented in the collection, to ensure best possible quality of service and fair prices.

The artwork will be shipped directly from the artists’ studio, professionally wrapped and tracked. It will have to be signed for.

If you have any additional questions regarding your chosen artwork or artist, or encounter a problem with the website (hope not!) please contact us. Commissions can also be discussed with individual artists. We will do our best to accommodate any of your requests.

The Abode Team

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